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Is a Dream a Lie If It Don't Come True, Or Is It Something Worse?

"Obama owns George Bush's wars now. And tonight each of us will own a piece of Obama's lies"

Common Dreams - This evening, Tuesday, the last day of the month of August, 2010, our president Barack Obama will lie to us.

Smoother than G. W. Bush, slicker, and of course smarter, this lying president will not likely be goofed up in buckled and pocketed flight gear, and he will be accompanied by the mandatory American flag on a sturdy stand rather than a blatant Mission Accomplished banner. But the substance will be the same: we did it; don't worry, don't doubt, don't question. The big lie will adhere to us with a greasy butter of calming reassurance.

Here is why this story is a lie. Read more.


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