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Stardardized Testing Has Created Administrator Cheating In Public Schools

"Few things are more corrosive to public education than knowing that an educational leader cheats and gets away with it because his school district condones and covers up his cheating," said attorney Dale Gronemeier, at a Pasadena Unified School District board meeting on October 27. At the meeting, Gronemeier presented a 93-page white paper, co-written by himself and Elbie Hickambottom, Jr., that outlines the cheating that they allege took place at Pasadena's Roosevelt Elementary School in 2010 and 2011, which was at the time under the direction of Principal Juan Ruelas. It was not the first time the Pasadena school board heard such allegations.  Read more.


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Israel's Elitist "Birthright" Is Wrong

Sarah Rosenblatt @ Truthout - Taglit-Birthright, the premier program in Jewish-American Zionism for young adults, has sent 340,000, 18- to 25-year-old Jews to Israel on all-expenses paid, 10-day vacations since its inception in 1999. On their journey, participants consume all the riches of Jewish Israeli culture - the gorgeous landscape, spiritual holy places, chiseled soldiers - a perfectly painted blindfold that sits comfortably on their eager eyes, shielding them from the violent truths of their supposed "homeland." The Zionist indoctrination I experienced on the trip was far more insidious and violent than I had expected.  Read more.

Peru village evacuated after isolated tribe attacks with bows & arrows - Peruvian authorities have started evacuating Monte Salvado village situated in a remote southeastern region, after around 200 men from an ‘uncontacted’ tribe attacked the settlement with bows and arrows and stole food and equipment.
The evacuation began on Tuesday after around 200 men of the Mashco Piro tribe attacked Monte Salvado close to the border with Brazil twice last week. The residents, a total of 55, had to flee to save their children.  Read more.