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Why Did Mexican Police Make 43 Student Teachers Disappear?

Fredrick Linden @ Truthout - Luis Carrillo is 20 years old. He is gentle with his mother, and though quiet, a good debater at school. He is training to be a teacher. On September 26, 2014, six of his classmates were openly murdered, and he was among 43 more carried away by police, never to be seen again. On April 26, Mexican teachers burned trucks at the legislature and continued to demand an explanation.  Read more.


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A white man shares publicly that a group of Black Harvard graduates “look like gang members to me” and claims he would have said the same of white people dressed similarly. A white physician mistakes a Black physician for a janitor and says it was an honest mistake. A white woman asks to touch a Black classmate’s hair, is scolded for doing so and sulks, “I was just curious.”  Read more.