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Disabled Children Regularly Restrained and Isolated in School

Eleanor J. Bader @ Truthout - More than 250,000 pre-K, elementary, junior high and high school aged children - many of them disabled and of color - are restrained or put into isolation each year for behaving in ways that are considered disruptive or threatening.  Read more.


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LA Woman’s Building Awarded Cultural Monument Designation

After 45 years on the radar, the Woman’s Building is finally also on the map. On June 8, the L.A. Conservancy architectural preservation society formally announced that the L.A. City Council had approved the building’s Historic Cultural Monument designation. Besides protecting the building's 1914 Beaux Arts design against the future development going on all around it, this move also resoundingly acknowledges what generations of artists and feminists in L.A. and around the world have known for decades: The Woman's Building is one of the most significant cultural heritage sites of the last 50 years.  Read more.