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High housing costs push many teachers out of S.F.

SF Gate - Todd Morgan and Victoria Traverso's lives revolve around their roles as teachers, coaches and mentors at Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School in San Francisco's Bayview district.

The married couple spend up to 12 hours at the school most days, attend games on weekends and answer texts and calls from their students around the clock. They have helped turn the school around. They love their jobs.  Read more.


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WTF White Women?

2016 was bad. 2018 was worse. While fifty-two percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2016, in 2018, seventy-six percent of white women voted for Brian Kemp.  Read more.

White women rained all over that new day dawning. Did they vote on the issues? Statistically, there aren’t enough anti-choice, anti-healthcare, anti-minimum wage, gun-mad voters out there to blame just conservative women.

So white women are either stupid or spoiled. I say spoiled.  Read more.