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Adobe’s Cloudware Announcement Stirs Pricing and Privacy Concerns

Art Digital Magazine - Adobe Corporation, these are two words that every contemporary photographer, architect, artist and designer knows well. And it would not be an understatement to describe Adobe’s suite of software applications as ubiquitous to everyday 21st century life. For as is the case with Google, America Online (AOL), Yahoo, Youtube, WordPress and other iconic Internet technology brands, Adobe’s presence seems to be everywhere—fundamental threads to the digital fabric of cyberspace.  Read more.


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When Ferns Were All The Rage

Every autumn, Victorians swarmed into the woods to collect ferns. From the 1850s until Queen Victoria’s demise, pteridomania (meaning “fern mania”) engulfed Victorians on both sides of the Atlantic. Almost every house had a potted fern. Those who could afford to, kept rare fern varieties “under the ample bell-glass, or in the Wardian case… to enliven the parlor window in the wintry season of the year.”  There were fern books, fern societies, and florists bulked out floral arrangements with ferns. Fern-collecting went beyond past-time to become an occupation.  Read more.