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With GOP Roadmap in Hand, Where Will Obama and Dems Wind Up?

In These Times - Some pundits imagine that President Obama has thoroughly out-foxed the Republicans on the debt-ceiling debate, arguing that he could safely push for “the biggest deal possible”—including concessions on Social Security and Medicare—because  Republicans are too divided to grasp the deal they'd be getting.

Meanwhile, pundits say, Obama is impressing “independent” voters with his willingness to "compromise."  Read more.


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Comcast and NBC's Real Diversity Issues

The Huffington Post - At last month's house hearing on the proposed Comcast-NBC takeover, execs from both companies shamefully acknowledged their diversity problems. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts sheepishly divulged that his company's board of directors includes only one woman and one person of color, and NBC's Jeff Zucker confessed that the network has no Black programming. Read more.

Pennsylvania man bulldozed to death for growing 10 marijuana plants

Getting caught growing a few pot plants in Pennsylvania could lead to a criminal charge and a likely sentence of probation, but for a Lehigh Valley man, it was a death sentence. This past Monday, 51-year-old Gregory A. Longenecker was found dead under a bulldozer operated by a state Game Commission worker and carrying a state trooper hunting for two men spotted near a freshly-discovered marijuana grow.  Read more.