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The Monster Bush

In a smirking rage, he howls for more
Jesus on his lips
Horror in his heart

The monster Bush now lives

Stolen elections
Domestic terror
And the blood of 911

The monster Bush hungers for more

The Carlyle Group
The Enron scam
Religious fever
And the 'accidental' murder of Paul Wellstone

It's not enough, the monster craves more and more

So on to Iraq
And the murder of thousands of Americans Soldiers
While spilling the blood of nameless Arabs
Oozing infant brains, guts and feces everywhere
Mothers with broken backs, fathers with throats slit

But the lustful heart of the monster Bush is never satisfied

So on it goes
While billions and billions and billions
Of dollars rolls right in to his wallet
Hidden in secret vaults
He raises his twisted smile
Mispronounces a few words
And kills again

Hilarious, unholy and hungry for more
For nothing satisfies the monster Bush
The Monster Bush
A poem by Max Eternity
1 February 2005
All Rights Reserved


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