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Make Us Believe: Poetry

we dont want to believe
that we are ordinary
that our country is like germany, russia or china
we don't want to believe that hitler now lives in america
that in george w. bush, we have an evil dictator
occupying our presidential palace

but it's true, it's all true
we are just like iraq, france, egypt or haiti
we are just another place, just another face
floating on this globe, swirling round the sun
drifting out in space

but,we don't want to know that

no, we don't want to know
that we have a long history
of killing our best and brightest
that our news programs are programed
to make us believe

to make us believe
to make us believe

we cant bear to see that our
religion is based on popularity and finance
and that celebrity is all we know
this is our truth, this is our faith
and we have blind faith
because we fail to see
that we don't know the difference
between leadership and foolishness
we have blurred the lines, and
it reels our minds
it swells our hearts
it makes us weary

but it's true
it's all true

we tell ourselves, we are better
because we don't know any better
and when someone tells us the unvarnished truth about ourselves
we get angry, and we run back
to the warm, familiar safety
of walmart, starbucks and mtv

and then...
we remind ourselves that
Christopher Colubus 'discovered' america
we remind ourselves that we have democracy
that we give light to this world
that we are a nation of dreams
that we are strong and proud
that this is america

we remind ourselves that we are great nation
that we support our troups
that we are brave
that we have glory
that god is on our side

that god is on our side

that god is on our side
Make Us Believe
a poem by Max Eternity
25 November 2005
All Rights Reserved


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